Stratton Museum,

Photographic and

Local History Archive

This archive will feature a wealth of exhibits connected with Stratton's history.  Thanks to the generosity of those Stratton families who have lent photographs, over three thousand images have been digitally archived already.  Many have already been framed and, together with a growing assembly of books and other artefacts, feature in exhibitions and displays covering all aspects of the town's past.

We also hope to establish a display dedicated to Hawker of Morwenstow and several first-edition books, photographs and autograph letters have been purchased to form the basis of this display 

Naturally most families have old photographs, documents or records tucked away somewhere, but just how many of us realise their significance? Luckily our beautiful town has been well documented by photographic images and historical data throughout the last 150 years but these valuable records have become widely scattered. Many have been lost or thrown out and others have simply faded away. It is not too late to save and archive what remains and we have the technology to reproduce or improve even the most faded images here at the centre.
If anyone has old photographs of local interest we would be very pleased if they would allow us to copy them for the archive. We only need them for a short while so owners can have their originals back almost immediately. We can then reproduce the images at any time, so the original image would never be lost!
Images are sought showing streets, shops, farms, families, characters, tradesmen or other subjects, -even old school photographs!

Old documents, news cuttings, maps and other items are also sought. We seek to purchase or loan any items connected with Stratton's past. These items can then be displayed at our own Stratton Museum.